Area Faith Community Pastoral Council

Divine Mercy Area Faith Community consists of four Roman Catholic Churches and parishes located within the Diocese of New Ulm in southern Minnesota. ~ St. Mary's, Sleepy Eye ~ St. Michael's, Morgan ~ St. Paul's, Comfrey ~ Church of Japanese Martyrs, Sleepy Eye (Leavenworth).

Divine Mercy Area Faith Community Council Members:
Fr. Mark Steffl
Fr. Sam Perez
Fr. Zach Peterson
Andrea Boyle-St. Mary's
Greg Fuchs-St. Mary's
Jim Hillesheim-Japanese Martyrs
Joan Windschitl-Japanese Martyrs
Marianne Schotzko-St. Paul's
Jim Schwab-St. Paul's
Myron Mathiowetz-St. Michael's
Colleen Wildt-St. Michael's

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