St. Paul's Council of Catholic Women

Council of Catholic Women Officers & Commission Coordinators:

Leah Eischen - President
Marianne Schotzko - Vice President
Susan McMullen - Secretary
Lori Schumann - Treasurer

Spirituality Commission
Marianne Schotzko

Service Commission
Arlene Helget, Betty Zwaschka

Leadership Commission
Leah Eischen, Marianne Schotzko, Lori Schumann, Sue McMullen

Reverence Life Committee
Carol Hayes, Becky Brown, Erin Eischen

Scholarship Committee
Leah Eischen

Guild Committees
Welcoming: Martha Fredin
Publicity: Martha Fredin
St. John's Auxiliary Rep: Marge Prokosch
Cheer Committee: Becky Brown

Section Chairs
St. Anne's Circle
Co-Chairpersons: Margaret Hopwood, Susan McMullen, Diane Reed

St. Martha's Circle
Co-Chairpersons: Leah Eischen, JoAnn Eischen, Julie Fredin

St. Mary's Circle
Co-Chairpersons: Stacie Simon, Jodie Callanan, Kim Clement

St. Theresa's Circle
Co-Chairpersons: Becky Brown, Diana Fischer, Karla Fischer

CCW Executive Brd Mtg Minutes 7.23.2018
CCW Mtg Minutes 3.7.2019
CCW Mtg Minutes 5.2.2019
CCW Executive Brd Mtg Minutes 7.2.2019
CCW Mtg Minutes 9.5.2019
CCW Mtg Minutes 2.6.2020
CCW Executive Brd Mtg Minutes 7.9.2020
CCW Mtg Minutes 9.3.2020