St. Michael's Committees & Organizations

Parish Administrative Council
Fr. Mark Steffl, Fr. Sam Perez, Fr. Zach Peterson,  Trustees: Peggy Zimmer (President), Myron Mathiowetz; Jack Carlson (Vice President), Jennifer Fischer, Joel Heiling (Education Committee Representative), Ed Steffl, Ed Walter, Pat Wildt, Judy Walter

Education Committee
Joel Heiling (Chairperson), Fr. Mark Steffl, Fr. Sam Perez, Fr. Zach Peterson, Ann Christensen, Scott Hacker,  Andrea Welter, Megan Green, Christine Gewerth, Jennifer Fischer, Dan Davis (Director of Religious Education for the AFC)

Area Faith Community Pastoral Council Representatives
Myron Mathiowetz, Colleen Wildt

Education Committee Minutes
January 2020

St. Michael's, Morgan-KC's Meeting Minutes
January 2020