Japanese Martyrs Council of Catholic Women

Council of Catholic Women Officers & Commission Coordinators:

Click here for the Circle List~June 1, 2020-May 31, 2021
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Cindy Hillesheim - President
OPEN - Vice President
Jean Windschitl - Secretary
Deb Beltz - Treasurer

Spirituality Commission
Ronda Mathiowetz

Service Commission
Jeanette Rosenstengel

Leadership Commission
Arla Dockter

Reverence Life Committee
Joan Windschitl

Scholarship Committee
Diane Lax

Jean Windschitl

Section Chairs & Co-Chairs
Circle A
Honorary Members

Circle B
Chairperson: Joyce Moldan; Co-Chair: OPEN

Circle C
Chairperson: Arla Dockter; Co-Chair: Darla Remus

Circle D
Chairperson: Alice Hillesheim; Co-Chair: OPEN