St. Mary's Church Floor/Window Project

St. Mary's Church Floor/Window Project

St. Mary's Letter to Parishioners Dated March 31, 2021
St. Mary's Phase 1 & Proposed Phase 2 Pictures /March 31, 2021

Window Restoration February/March 2022

Windows from the south tower of  St. Mary's Church

Middle level of the south tower steeple windows


St. Mary's Floor Project beginning

Structural reinforcement for the installation of the terrazzo floor 3.2022

Side pews were removed 6.2.2022 in preparation for the new terrazzo floor.

Old Wood Floor being removed June 6 & 7, 2022

Old worn floor removed

Laying sub-flooring 6.20.2022

Sub-flooring seams being sealed 6.22.2022

Reinforcement mesh and membrane (gray area in photo) 6.27.2022

Laying out side aisles 7.5.2022

Laying out side aisles 7.5.2022

Pouring blue side aisle borders 7.7.2022

7.25.2022 Floor Color

8.17.2022 Almost Done!

The floor is finished!!! August 19.2022

Installing the pews back into church 8.23.2022

More pews being reinstalled and the cleaning beginning

Moving the Baptism Font to the Baptistery Chapel which is on your left as you enter the big doors from the east.